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Non-accredited Workshops

img Tutor: Dorothy McKee

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Dorothy McKee Consulting can deliver non-accredited one day workshops in a range of areas including:

Leading Change in Organisations

Drawing on content from the ILM Level 7 programme in Leadership and Management, this leading edge workshop provides participants with a practical approach to leading change. The workshop makes use of the latest thinking from the Institute of Leadership and Management and can provide a solid foundation to those new to leading change or a refresher to those who have studied change management before. Participants will be provided with learning materials based on research and ideas of thought leaders on change management. Dorothy McKee Consulting also invites guest speakers from their extensive list of associates, who can provide detailed case studies on implementing change in their organisations. Guest speakers can be selected who will be most relevant to your organisation.

Performance Through People

Dorothy McKee Consulting has partnered with Raymond Bell Consulting to deliver this one day workshop in “High Performance through People”. This interactive and very practical workshop has been designed to enable potential Line Managers to consider how to promote staff engagement and deliver competitive advantage through their people. The workshop provides Middle and Senior Managers with insights on best practice approaches in creating a high performing environment and understanding the impact of individual’s personalities, attitudes and behaviours on others. The workshop covers topics such as: competencies for high performance, core people management skills to create a high performance culture, coaching, reward & recognition, Emotional intelligence, High performance systems and processes, the latest thinking on leadership and personal impact awareness. Participants experience a highly interactive workshop consisting of a mixture of insightful discussions, group exercises and video clips, self-reflection and action planning to develop people management skills.

Governance Workshops

Following recent high profile instances of corporate governance failures, it is now more important than ever that organisations operating in the public, private and community/voluntary sectors have effective governance procedures and structures in place. Dorothy McKee has extensive experience of governance matters and in 2015 co-authored a paper, "Breaking the Mould: New Perspectives on Executive Development in Leadership and Governance Among Irish Executives" which she presented at The 3rd International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance in Auckland, New Zealand. Dorothy brings a mixture of practical experience and awareness of international best practice into this one day workshop on governance. The interactive workshop provides insight into governance best practice and case studies and is designed to raise awareness on governance issues amongst staff operating at a strategic and/or board level. Dorothy McKee Consulting has delivered this workshop and guidance on governance structures for a wide variety of organisations in the private, sports, community and voluntary sectors.

Equality and Diversity

Dorothy McKee has assisted organisations across Northern Ireland with their equality and diversity duties, particularly in relation to Section 75. Dorothy has carried out equality and diversity training to a range of clients, helping to raise awareness of equality issues, train staff on sensitivities to consider as well as reviewing recent case law and best practice. Delivered over a half day or full day, this training seeks to help organisations have a better understanding of their equality reporting duties as well as steps to be taken to meet equality obligations in the workplace.